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why was public health so important to the ancient romans?

every website i go on doesn’t really have the information i’m looking for.

    Adam T
    Posted 4 years ago

    By keeping the public healthy you would have people able to work, in particular soldiers when needed.

      Posted 4 years ago

      They were knowledgeable enough to know that cleanliness prevented diseases such as the plague for example even if they knew not the origin of the plague. (It was caused by lice from vermin such as rats.)

        Posted 4 years ago

        A healthy mind in a healthy body. Core Roman concept – clean, fit, industrious, decent. That was the way they saw themselves so good roads, sewers, clean water supply were all civic duties.
        They were fixated on being seen to do their duty.

          Posted 4 years ago

          Rome must have stank to high heaven. A large city, teeming with people, very limited plumbing or sewage, horses, cattle, chickens etc lived in the city, slaughterhouses, many people living in close proximity to each other and their livestock. The heat in summer must have made Rome almost unbearable at times.

          The Romans also believed that bad airs carried diseases – a belief that persisted until the middle ages and that regular bathing would prevent diseases spreading. It also became polite and fashionable to bathe often so as to greet friends and hold meetings in a hygienic atmosphere as possible.

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