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Whats the difference between retail and sales?

I’m looking for a job, and I’m wondering, what’s the difference between “Retail Merchandiser” and “Sales Associate?”

    T E
    Posted 5 years ago

    sales associate is a salesman/sale lady

    retail merchandiser takes care of sales inventory, and may not handles sales with customers

      Hermione G
      Posted 5 years ago

      I’ll use a grocery store as an example to explain the difference. Grocery IS retail. It’s just food retail.

      A Sales Associate is somebody who works in the store at all times. This person’s employer is the grocery store. This person wears the store’s uniform and performs work only in that store (unless another situation is worked out where the person floats within multiple stores in the chain if it is a chain).

      A retail merchandiser is employed by an outside company. There are 2 main types of merchandisers There are companies where all they do is staff merchandisers and those merchandisers go out to many many different stores and perform work such as doing resets and stuff like that. They don’t wear anybody’s uniform usually except if their company has a shirt that everybody wears. The other kind of merchandiser is the one who orders and stocks a line of products that is distributed by their company. For example, there is a huge natural foods distributor who distributes thousands of different natural foods products from many different companies who manufacture those products. Instead of the grocery store having separate accounts from all those manufacturers, the grocery store will have ONE big account with the natural foods DISTRIBUTOR who will send out the merchandisers to order and stock the product. That is why you will see “vendors” – people in plain clothes stocking things in grocery stores such s potato chips and coke. They don’t work directly for the store – they just work in the store. Their job also includes getting any available space from the store managers and such when big sales come up.

      The main goal for everybody involved in retail, whether it be merchandisers or sales associates is to sell as much stuff as possible. I’ve worked in this field and don’t like it. You might like though so don’t listen to me.
      Hope this helps.

        Posted 3 years ago

        T E Got the gist of it… working in retail doesn’t get you dealing with customers nearly as often.

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