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What are the health benefits of Jagermeister?

What are the ingredients, and do they promote good health?

    Ƕāūţē çūīşīņē ḟōŗ Ṁŗ.Đēāţħ ®
    Posted 5 years ago

    I must have health benefits like red wine because it has spices like clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc

      Posted 5 years ago

      I don’t know all of the ingredients, but the alcohol is healthy for you when drunk in moderation.

      All drinking alcohol is good for you in moderation. It helps your heart in particular, as well as your arteries.

      Moderate drinking is considered

      12 oz. of beer
      4-5 oz. of wine
      2 oz. or less of liquor (which includes Jaegermeister).

        Sean Salisbury
        Posted 5 years ago

        you really dont need to know the health benefits when you are dealing with something that tastes as phenomenal as jager. drink up

          Posted 5 years ago

          All the usual street people aren’t drinking Jagermeister. Some recall that label and others they’ve not actually
          been able to afford since their substance abuse state
          began taking their last opportunity of finance turn-around
          but none had a hard word for same products. They’d all
          happly let it flow down between soiled and grizzled lips,
          to warm that sour tummy of bleeding ulcers, and cheap
          wine some have wrestled away from the more helpless.
          Their red rimmed eye is still keen enough to see a cigar
          stub at 30 paces, the stick-thin figures would make celeb’
          models moan with envy, and doubtless better health can
          achieved if reader but sits with them for an hour. Yeah.
          Get used to it.

            Posted 5 years ago

            I know it helps with my congestion…and makes me feel better in general. My dad calls it my Country Cough Syrup!

              Amy B
              Posted 5 years ago

              Well there’s approx 56 herbs and spices in it ……. plus some “secret ingredience” so there’s must be some good in moderation.

              Although the urban myth about it containing Elk or Deer’s blood isn’t true!

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