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How old can a guinea pig be to become pregnant?

We have two female (we hope) guinea pigs one of them is fatter than the other could one be pregnant? How old can they be to have babies?

    Posted 4 years ago

    They can get pregnant at 3 weeks of age.

    If you’re gonna breed Guinea Pigs, I recommend waiting until they are 3 months old, if they get to a certain age (6-8 months old, i believe), they can’t be bred without killing the female and the piglettes.

      John M
      Posted 4 years ago

      ok they reach Sexual maturity at 3 to 4 months old and then can get breed and have baby’s has she be with a male if not then she Just fat it happens to our pets it takes 63 to 69 days after being bread for them to give birth an average of 65 hope this helps THANKS JOHN

        Jess B
        Posted 4 years ago

        Females are ready to breed at 6 weeks and males at 3 weeks. Once they reach 6-8 months of age, the sow cannot become pregnant without killing her babies and herself.

          Posted 4 years ago

          Guinea pig’s are quite easy to sex. They are pictures on websites and books to help you do this. Without any previous sexing experience I managed to identify and separate babies with success, so it is really quite easy!

          Just because she is a lot bigger than the other guinea pig doesn’t mean shes pregnant. All guinea pig’s vary in size.

          Guinea pig’s are sexually mature at 4 weeks, and pregnant for around 50-70 days. So she will be at least a 2 nearly 3 months before she has them!

          You cannot tell she is pregnant until about the last 4 weeks of pregnancy. She will drink a lot more, become a lot bigger and you will be able to the babies in her stomach moving around. She will also move things around her cage a few days before the birth to build a nest and move around a lot less.

          Hope this helps!

            Charlotte G
            Posted 4 years ago

            Guinea pigs can shouldn’t get pregnant from under 5 months of age.

              Posted 4 years ago

              3 weeks so not very long take them to the vet so they can sex them. ucky word! lol. and so they can check the fat 1.

                Posted 4 years ago

                any age!

                  Posted 4 years ago

                  Sows and Boars can reproduce from 4 weeks of age. The best time to breed is around 5 months of age. If a sow hasnt littered before 10 – 12 months, their pelvic bones start to fuse together meaning possible death if she was to try and deliver after this age. Hope this helps : )

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