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How do i know if my jack russell is pregnant?

My jack russell is 2 years old since july. If she is pregnant she is due around the 22nd of January. Lately she is fatter than usual and today i noticed her t i ts are coming down a bit. So is she pregnant or not? Thanks :) xx
I took her to a man that breeds dogs. He left her in a room with another jack russell. He says they did breed but i am not 100% sure that they did or not.

    Posted 3 years ago

    Get this dog to the vet.

      Posted 3 years ago

      How do i know if my jack russell is pregnant – if she is then she will have babies – if she is not then she wont ..

      that is the correct answer to your question………………………………………………

        Posted 3 years ago

        Did she tie with a male? if so she is probably pregnant. Congrats, you can add to the millions that die every year cause too many are born.

          Posted 3 years ago

          Was she bred? Have you been to a vet to get a count on (possible) puppies? We cannot tell you if she is or not. You need to visit your vet.

            Julie D.
            Posted 3 years ago

            Take her to the Vet and have her spayed. The Vet will tell you if she WAS.

              Sammy Gabbie GO VEGAN!
              Posted 3 years ago

              Obvious troll. Don’t quit your day job. Oh, yeah. To have a day job means you have some sort of life. You don’t have a day job.

                Posted 3 years ago

                SPAY TODAY….& never wonder again.

                You paid a BYB jerk a stud fee for crap! Real breeders don’t “leave” anything in a room!

                  Posted 3 years ago

                  My jack russell had puppies a while ago and she didn’t seem pregnant until about 3 weeks before. If you went to a proper breeder than it is likely she will have pups but there is a chance she might not.

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