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Can you treat a pregnant cat that has fleas?

I have recently started taking care of a stray cat. I am pretty sure she is pregnant but as she is still very wary she doesn’t really like me getting too close to her hence why I can’t as yet get her to the vets, but I am working on gaining her trust. The things is she appears to be infested with fleas so my question is, can you flea treat a pregnant cat and also what about worming?
Can I also ask, which brand of product I should use? I don’t want to harm her unborn kittens.

    Posted 5 years ago

    Yes, do it as soon as possible or the kittens will get fleas too. You can use Frontline on the back of her neck as normal. Call your vet for confirmation, just in case, but I did flea my cat when she was pregnant and when she had kittens.

    Just don’t flea the kittens with the same product, I know vets use a Frontline spray on smaller kittens, more than 6 weeks old anyway, but I wouldn’t apply anything on them yourself.

    You can worm with appropriate vet-strenght medication, don’t bother with supermarket stuff because it won’t kill all the parasites, both worms or fleas, and you’ll waste your money.
    Good luck with the birth, it’s a great experience-not to be repeated as there are so many unwanted cats already, I’ll have my cat spayed as soon as her milk dries out.

    Most commonly used worming medications,

    all of which are very effective

    Panacur TM (Intervet)
    Contains fenbendazole. Active against gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms and Taenia tapeworms. Licensed for use in kittens from 2 weeks of age and for use in pregnant queens. It is available in the form of granules, liquid, paste and a newly formed palatable tablet.

    Drontal cat TM (Bayer)
    Contains pyrantel (active against roundworm) and praziquantel (active against tapeworm), in a tablet form.

    Droncit injection TM (Bayer)
    Contains praziquantel. Active against tapeworm only.

    Droncit spot-on TM (Bayer)
    Contains praziquantel. Active against tapeworm only.

    Stronghold spot-on TM (Pfizer)
    Contains selamectin. Active against roundworm only. Also active against ear mites (Otodectes cyanotis), mange (Sarcoptes scabei) and fleas.

    Milbemax for cats TM and Milbemax for small cats and kittens TM (Novartis)
    Contains Milbemycin oxime (effective against roundworms) and praziquantel (effective against tapeworms). Very small tablets which make them easier to dose cats with.

    Profender spot-on TM (Bayer)
    Active against tapeworm; roundworm and hookworms

    ┬ęThis information sheet is produced by the Feline Advisory Bureau

      Posted 5 years ago

      My cat is just about ready to pop also she has days to go! I have de-flea’d her with frontline, you can use it on pregnant and nursing queens, don’t forget worming too, Panacure can be used also on pregnant queens.

        Posted 5 years ago

        Yes there are products that are safe for pregnant cats. It is very important to get rid of the fleas and those which are in your house(and there is) before the kittens come.Fleas can kill them quickly. Your vet has products which can be put on kittens as they are born but wouldn’t it be best to take care of it now? You should also have this cat tested for disease it could be carrying. Especially since it is a stray and you know nothing about it.

          Posted 5 years ago

          you can use Frontline or Advantage for the fleas, most vet recommend you wait until she has her kittens before deworming, you can deworm the day after she has kittens with a vet approved wormer.

            ELLEN B
            Posted 5 years ago

            yes you can treat a pregnant cat for fleas, very wize to do so befor she has kittens, as ive seen infestations of fleas kill kittens. it would probably be a good idea to get a flea and worms combined treatment in one such as stronghold, however this treatment requires a perscription so you may ahve to register the cat with your local vet, if you explain thzt the cat is a stray you should get free4 treatment as the vets have a duty of care to all animals, good luck

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