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Can Occupational Health doctor send me back to work?

My GP has signed me off, could company occupational health doctor tel me to go back to work in Scotland? Is this legal?
Signed off with Work Related Stress?

    Father Jake
    Posted 5 years ago

    No. Only your GP can sign you fit for work. The Occupational Health Doctor can only provide a report for your employer.

    The above answer is rubbish.

      Posted 5 years ago

      they can do it but it would take well over 6 months before they can do this. i also live in scotland and i have been off on the sick for 12weeks now and have just got another sick line today. good luck =)

        Posted 5 years ago

        if they feel you are fit for work, yes of course they can recommend you return to normal duties,, occupational health are there to help employees , if you need council ling they will arrange this for you. why not use some of your annual leave , by just returning to work slowly,, half days if you work full time, or less hours if you work part time,, just until you feel well enough to return to normal duties.. the longer you are off work the harder it will be to return, give them a call they are there to help you

          jed slade
          Posted 5 years ago

          If your local GP has signed you off there is only one thing you can do,get a second opinion,but go to hospital to get it.Your choice,but any boss will not tolerate this for long ,your job is at stake here.The company doctor can also be told to assess your condition and recommend medical separation or return to work.UNTIL YOUR GP SIGNS YOU OFF,YOU ARE FIREPROOF, nobody can undo his decision.You cannot be dismissed while on the sick either.

            Posted 5 years ago

            any company that goes against a dr’s note is breaching health and safety, if something was to happen to you after you’ve given them a doctors note, then they would be sooooooooooo liable for your health.

            dont worry, occupational health try all sorts to get you back, thats there job, you just do what your dr says

              Posted 5 years ago

              Your GP is responsible for your health, not the company quack. He is not in the NHS system as an employee of the firm, so has no say about what goes on between you & your GP/Specialist.

                Posted 5 years ago

                Occupational Health are still part of the employing organisation & don’t have the independent authority of your GP. They cannot overrule your GP. In the worst case, if they conflict with your GP’s diagnosis it is between them & your GP as health professionals to sort out their disagreement, usually by involving a third “expert” such as a local hospital’s psychology service.
                The very fact that you have some fear about being sent back to work is a sign that Occupational Health should recognise that you’re not yet fit to return. If they don’t see this then you have the right to complain about them.
                Usually, when an employer refers you to Occupational Health it is a sign that they’re trying to find a reason to terminate your employment. Fortunately, most (but not all) Occupational Health people are health specialists & the worst thing for them is to have the same person continually referred back, so they’re more likely to err on the side of caution & not release you back into the workplace unless you’re fully fit.
                Exactly what has caused your stress? Your employer is responsible under Health & Safety at Work legislation to ensure your work does not damage your health. Employers are always extremely reluctant to admit liability & will always do their utmost to make out that the problem lies with you rather than them.
                Have a look at http://www.bullyonline.org & see if any of the stuff on that website rings a bell. You may well see another perspective that your employer’s trying to hide.

                  Posted 5 years ago

                  If your GP has signed you off then you’re ok. The occupational health doctor will assess you though and report back to your employer. They will also try to work out what can be done to help you back into work especially if it’s work related stress. They may ask to speak to your GP to get further information but you will have to consent to that.

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